Healthcare Proposal

My Proposal for a New Health Care System

My vision for a new health care system would allow everyone to have the same health care insurance at an affordable price. I do not believe there should be different types of insurance for people to choose from, there should only be one type of insurance that everyone has the same. I believe the new health care system would almost run the same as car insurance. You pay a certain amount every month rather you use it or not, and when something happens you can utilize it regardless of the severity. By implementing the plan every patient will benefit from it in many ways. I think a benefit of implementing this plan is that people will be able to live healthier lives and take better care of their families. There are so many people that are dying because they cannot afford to go to the doctor or cannot afford the required medication to keep them healthy. Allowing everyone to have health insurance is going to make our country much healthier. I also think physicians will benefit as well because the new plan will bring them more business. 

Part of the health care plan would consist of co-pays to the upper class patients and some to the middle class, but it should be determined by their income. If you make over a hundred thousand dollars a year, of course your monthly co-payment will be a bit higher. The same goes for the middle class as well. Basically, the amount of money the citizens will have to pay for their insurance will depend on their income. The good part, it will be a percentage of your monthly income.  

The only disadvantage would be to the government because they will have to contribute quite a bit of money towards healthcare. I believe the government could cut costs in other ways to support this plan. My plan would allow the government to use seized drug money to support the health care plan. Everyday there is so much money seized from drug dealers and such, and they government should be putting this towards our...