Georgia Integration


1. SUMMARY.   Georgia is a key ally to the United States and NATO countries in the Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey (GAAT) region since they declared their independence in 1991.   Georgia has supported NATO led operations as early as 1999.   Georgian troops have worked alongside NATO troops in Kosovo from 1999-2008.   Currently, Georgia has an infantry battalion and company serving in Afghanistan and medical personnel and staff officers serving within the Lithuania Provisional Reconstruction Team.   They also conduct counter-terrorist maritime surveillance operation in support of NATO’s Operation Active Endeavour.   Georgia is the second largest contributors to ISAF among NATO’s partner countries.   Georgia is also a key strategic location within the GAAT region.   There are two Sea Ports of Debarkations (SPOD) on the Black Sea and 11 Air Ports of Debarkation (APOD) to conduct Reception, Staging, Onward-movement & Integration (RSOI) operations.   The United States Army Engineers have also have assisted Georgia with the upgrading of the transportation infrastructure from the Port of Batumi to Baku, Azerbaijan.   Georgia is a vital link to the region and would provide a key staging point to conduct all phases of military operations.   It would be advantageous to NATO to integrate Georgia into the CJTF.


  a. General: Since inception, Georgia-NATO relations date back to 1992, when Georgia joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council.   Georgia has actively contributed to several NATO-led operations to include, peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, Lithuanian Provincial Reconstruction Team, Operation Active Endeavour and ISAF operations in Afghanistan.   Georgia Joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace in 1994 and is a member of the European Union’s (EU’s) Eastern Partnership program.   They are actively seeking full membership into NATO.   The United States has also provided financial support to Georgia since 2002 and...