Kevin Holton
Prof. Bristol
English 090/Paper 2
26 February 2010
Definition of Integrity
Aaron is using his upbringing as a tool in his adult life for himself and his children and fiancé to make the right choices.
Our son Kody is showing the same signs as his brother in the choices he makes in his life. He has committed himself to soccer, to a wide array of friends, and to school work. He is one of his school’s radio D.J’s. Kody has asked for advice when situations arise concerning actions of a couple of his friends. He takes our advice and deals with each situation, I believe, in the correct manner. Michelle and I cannot say we were perfect in our job as parents, but I believe more often than not we made the right choices and continue to learn from our decisions and evaluate what we may be able to do better in the future. We still want to be ambassadors of good morals and integrity, not just for our son’s but also for our grandchildren. I would like to believe I have met Carter’s criteria, but if I haven’t, I will still keep working and learning ways to improve my own shortcomings and pass along what I learn to my sons and grandchildren.
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