Gender Differences in Listening

Gender Difference in Listening
Listening in simple word is related to listening to your friends and family or simply when engaging a conversation. This type of listening is hard because most of the time people tend to get lost on their own thoughts or do not take the speaker seriously. After referring different articles I found gender difference with listening. Both male and female have different style of listening.
“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. This sentence is famous one that at least all must have heard once. Men and women are different in listening more precisely. They listen for different reasons and by that they seek different information. Men focus on the facts when women focus on the mood of the communication. Researchers like Canary and Hause (1993) have concluded ,   after analyzing hundreds of studies that gender differences in communication are small and inconsistent; that is, about 1% of the variance. Usually Women communicate in larger extent than men, they always tries to get more information from the speaker for their personal use. On the other side men see this as a waste of time. Therefore what the man do is, they don’t listen carefully of the speaker what they are speaking and they don’t perceive their message as important. Men always go straight to the point, so these women getting more information and by that way they make situation better.
Here there are some points how both gender are different form each other. Let’s assume first for the men. First, always be patient because women always need to express more information about the condition and they provide everything in order. Second, be engaged because some time due to lack of reaction women feel that men don’t care about what they are saying. Third, don’t assume. Don’t assume what they are saying is not important because the subject is not important to you.
Now let’s assume for women. First, be realistic, don’t always expect the person that they will react in the way...