Gender Differences Stems from Nature or Nurture

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Pınar Önkol


Ali Burak Kırkbaş
ENG 102-12

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
ENG 102 English and Composition II

Bilkent University
November, 2010

      Social scientists discuss the origin of gender differences between men and women. Some say that the discrepancy comes from the biological differences of sexes, such as   the hormones, structure of brain and genetic codes. Others claim that this difference cannot be merely a biological difference; rather it comes from the influence of social environment in childhood, and societal constitution in everyday life.   The differences between men and women are originated from the way they live rather than their biological differences because it can be seen in the society that gender roles can shift with the change of social paradigms, the way they are nurtured by their social environment greatly effects their gender codes and there is no exact scientific explanation of social relationships between them.

      Men and women share the same social and economic environment and they have some roles in this field. These roles -especially in economic life- are detected by the modern civilization's needs. There is an illusion which, the roles of man and woman in society were “sui generis” ,in the notion that gender differences are stem from the natural codes but   after The world war II Great Recession the jobs which known as only men have be able to do, had occupied by women. Boushey, Heater presents year-by-year statistics about raise of women in industry, and points out that “The Great Recession led to massive job losses, especially within male-dominated industries. Since the recession began in December 2007, men have accounted for three out of every four jobs lost (73.6 percent)4 and now 2 million wives are supporting their families(33).” This data shows that women can substitute men’s domain. Capitalist economic system...