Gcse Story

The Guardian

Alistair Hooper walked into His office at the Government communications headquarters (GCHQ) and looked around at his hand pick and highly trained staff. He smiled to himself knowing all his years of hard work were beginning to be recognised. At forty-three Alistair was from a middle class family his father a successful banker had made millions from shrewd investments. Alistair was educated at Saint Paul’s boarding school in London followed by a first at Eaton. He entered Sandhurst and quickly rose through the ranks becoming an officer in the Royal marine commandos as head of electronic warfare troop (Y Troop).

        He was soon noticed by the secret service intelligence service and was fast tracked to covert operations. Alistair was a genius with computer intelligence and there was no code or system he could not hack. He hacked into other country’s computer systems to gain intelligence that could be used to our advantage in the event of a war, he also made sure that none of these countries could be of a threat to the United Kingdom. He worked diligently to perfect his security network infrastructure so no other country could infiltrate the United Kingdom’s intelligence system.

As all one uses computers every day from your personal laptop to the most complicated mainframe or super computer, it is imperative that we as a nation have the best possible security infrastructure so that no threat can shut down our systems.

His unit was created by lain Lobban the director of GCHQ for Alistair to be able to continually monitor and update all security systems. You would need a level 5 security clearance to enter these offices.

James Middleton is 37 and comes from a working class background and always wanted to work on designing computer programs. As a teenager he was frequently in trouble for illegally gaining access to files containing highly confidential information from the FBI and the CIA. After obtaining his A levels he applied for a...