Gay Relationships: the Good, Bad, Pretty, Ugly

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Gay relationships: The good, bad, pretty&ugly
There are great controversies constantly going on in the contemporary world about gay relationships. People are always comparing ‘bromance’ to heterosexual relationships. In general, criticism dominates. However, why should people have the right to criticise about personal relationships? Why is it such a big deal to have a relationship with the same sex?

Firstly, a relationship is basically an emotional and physical connection associated with two people. People who are in a gay relationship have as much right as any heterosexual couple. There are more heterosexual relationships than gay relationships worldwide, but that doesn’t change the fact that any person deserves to be treated as less as an equal because of their sexual orientation. People are always mistreated for their race, religion and rights. This isn’t just for gay rights; this is also for equality of people from women and men to gays and straights.

Secondly, hostile emotional tactics, like belligerence and dominance are less common with gay couples. Gay couples that have dissenting interactions are able to do things by using humour and affection which enable them to step back, and continue talking about the problem instead of exploding like heterosexual relationships.

Thirdly, contrary to what people believe, this homosexuality is not really a choice, preference or lifestyle. The feeling of being gay cannot just go away. There have always been gay people, and most likely always will. No matter how much they try to change, or how much they hate their selves, it’s hard to change because that is who they are. All they can do is embrace themselves with the person they have become. Gay relationships are only going to become more distinguished over time, so why not just learn to accept it instead of criticising and making a   huge fuss about it.

There are also cons about having or being in a gay...