Week 3 Worksheet

Who are the primary stakeholders in this problem?

The Shareholders
(Correct—Primary Stakeholder) The shareholders fall into the category of those who could experience positive or negative consequences as a result of your choice. The possibility of a lawsuit, while remote, could potentially reduce the company's value, which would directly affect the shareholders.

The Board of Directors
(Incorrect—Secondary stakeholder) The Board of Directors has delegated the responsibility for managing the company to the CEO and other officers. Therefore, they're not directly involved.

Carson Nelson, Chief Executive Officer
(Incorrect—Secondary Stakeholder) The CEO has delegated responsibility for minimizing legal liability and responding to harassment claims to the VP of Human Resources. Thus, he is not a primary stakeholder.

Carol Tempest, VP of Human Resources
(Correct—Primary Stakeholder) You don't yet know that Gayle wants to report that she feels harassed by the anonymous flowers or that Bill is the one sending them. Because of that uncertainty, you may believe that Gayle isn't a primary stakeholder. But even if Gayle wants to talk about something completely different, the likelihood that you'll need to involve HR at some point is high.

You, Director of Sales
(Correct—Primary Stakeholder) Many people forget that whatever decision they make will affect them as well. Your skills and reputation are both demonstrated by and impacted by the decisions you make. Whenever you're the ethical decision maker, you're also a primary stakeholder.

Gayle Dornier, Lead Sales Representative
(Correct—Primary Stakeholder) The ethical problem you must resolve is how to respond to Gayle's request to speak to you confidentially; therefore, she's a primary stakeholder in this problem. Your answer will have a direct impact on what she does next.

Bill Witherspoon, Research Scientist
(Correct—Primary Stakeholder) Because you suspect...