Functional Areas of a Business and Their Supporting Role

Functional areas of a business and their supporting role

Functional areas

For a business to be successful it must have different areas with specific jobs in, these are called functions. These functions divide a business up into smaller groups that have different specialism with certain staff in each department that are skilled in that particular area. These functions are Marketing, finance, customer service, operations/production, research and development, quality assurance department, human resources and administration and ICT. Without just one of these functions the business would not be as successful.



It is important for the whole company to know how much money is going in and out of the business; this is because all the other departments need money to run, and if they don’t have a budget set they won’t know how much money they can use. Finance handles financial accounts and producing annual accounts and sales. Its job also includes producing budgets and achievements for the whole company. Marketing must be connected with finance because marketing must be able to estimate their sales and resource and this will be estimated from previous sales, which finance will have and provide for them. They also need to have a budget and to work out a budget, finance must inform them of how much the company is bringing in and how much marketing is allowed.

Customer Service

Customers are what make a business successful, without them the company won’t be bringing in any profit. Having a service for the customers helps provide the business with feedback   from real life customers such as a supermarket complaint. Keeping customers happy is one of the most effective ways of getting them to come back for more. A business must offer the customers what they want, do what you saw you are going to do, and listen to what they say to you. The staff that work in the customer service department must be someone who understands how their performance can...