Freedom Essay

Freedom can be defined as doing as you please whenever you please? Or would you consider freedom being freed from being locked down on punishment or maybe in jail? When we say freedom it normally means liberty, and there can be several types of liberty. For example, there is political liberty, economic liberty, national liberty, civil liberty, and natural liberty. Civil liberty is more related to the concept of freedom than any other liberty. The concept of freedom can be divided into many subcategories, and people can use the term of freedom for various purposes. Today, the meaning of freedom is changed as it is now considered as an eternal right of any human. We have to respect the dignity of other humans by practicing our legal as well as the ethical right of being free. Freedom can be defined in several ways: Internal freedom, self-freedom, external freedom, political freedom, spiritual freedom, and collective freedom. Throughout history various cultures and civilizations have had many different concepts of freedom, and even within our own tradition the meaning has never ceased to change.
When born, every human possesses freedom and remain free in the most important sense that they are forever and at every conscious moment free to do as they please. We cannot escape this kind of freedom even if we try. Internal freedom is one of the greatest personal feelings, everyone has their own morals on freedom and what they can and cannot do. It distinguishes every human being from one another. This is what makes everyone their own person.To the ancients self freedom had to do with the freedom with the practice of self control, restraint, and balance to achieve self oriented goals and a relationship of soul over body.
Being locked down and given rules to follow aren’t really ways of freedom. This is because you're following someone elses rules and not doing what you want. Freedom is basically someone's own free will. In modern times, however, this ideal has largely...