Free Write

Want to see my photos?
Smile say, “cheese”. People take pictures all the time to remember things that they have experienced. Pictures have been around for decades. Black and white and now color. I know you still have pictures that no one has seen. But how often do we remember to get them developed. Technology has evolved where you can now take pictures on your phone. Having a camera on your phone is great but what to do with the pictures now that are saved to the phone. Well I have fallen in love with an app that can let you upload your photos when you take them; it’s called instagram.
Instagram is an app for your phone that allows you to share photos with your friends. It’s a great application to have when you feel like taking a photo and uploading so all of your friends can see your pictures. You can add friends from your Facebook page to come follow you and see your snaps of art work. How do you download this great idea? Well you go onto your phone and go to your app store icon. With my phone which is an android, it’s called the play store in my applications. Once you have entered the app store you click on the minifying icon and search for instagram. Once the search has found the app you click on it and it will ask you to install or close out. Well I know you’re wondering “does this app cost money”? Too your liking no it’s FREE. Yes, I said F R E E. So go on and tap on install. Now that it’s downloaded, the journey towards your instagram fun is about to begin.
Go into your applications and find an icon that’s a little brown and tan camera with red, blue, yellow and green stripes at the top. Tap it and now your process in the world of instagram begins. Once it pops up it asks you to register or sign in. Well of course hit register. After hitting that it takes you to a page where you have to create a username and password. Now it might seem hard to come up with the perfect name but it’s not hard. Be unique with it something that describes you.   Now that you...