Free Writing Skill

This first essay is about developing a free writing skill about my thoughts on xxxx. I enjoyed writing this way because this is my first time studying again after a very long time and also first time of writing freely without anything or topic in mind. Initially it was very difficult for me at the beginning, but I was able to overcome my angst after allowing my thoughts to flow freely. I started thinking about my life story and becoming a social worker or a youth mentor. My life story talks about my past (history about me), what I undergo as a child, my identity then and now, my values and my family. I started thinking of becoming a social worker when I did voluntary work for Milton Keynes Citizen Advice Bureau; I wanted to give something back to the community where I live.
I spent most of my childhood with my grandmother, and not until I started KMDA and GMZ that I understood what attachment meant and at the same time see things differently. Reflecting now on my past life from childhood till now, everything is similar to most of what I read in the books.
In addition, this ‘free’ writing skill made me forgot about the ‘traditional expectations’ of good writing and I did allow my thoughts to flow back to my identity and the identity given to me by my family. I had time to reflect on my prejudices and just kept on writing. I wrote about my experiences, what it meant to me and how it has affected my live. The way I define myself is very important to me than the way I am seen by people or the ascribed identity they give to me. There is a big similarity between KMDA and GMZ, because they are almost parallel to each other in context. All this require my ability to draw upon knowledge and be able to use to think about or reflect about being a social worker in the sense of it or in practice.
Another thoughts about this writing skills that came to my mind, was how it brought back my ‘thinking’ skills, I can now analyse things and situation better, because there was no...