Communication and Collaboration
Lizana St.Julien
University of Phoenix
Gen 200/Foundation for General Education and Professional Success
Professor Anderson
October 7, 2009
Communication is the process that involves exchanges of information, thoughts and idea, which you develop collaboration. Collaboration is where two or more people work together in an intersection of common goals. According to the Pathway to Learning exercise I am interpersonal, intrapersonal and musical which are my communication styles. I use music to relax, the sounds, rhythm, and that puts me in a calm and relaxed environment.
Interpersonal is my first learning style, I communicate within a group to develop strategy for upcoming group activities. As a group different ideas and different point a views make great collaboration to create a great assignment. Working as a group can also improve you as a person to be open and in take other ideas. A group assignment helps me create new ideas, and as a group we discuss different ideas to come to a conclusion of what strategy we would be able to use.
Intrapersonal is my second learning style, I communicate well by understanding my feelings and think about any assignments that needs to be done. If I have a paper to write, I use the free writing technique because I have to think to myself of what I need to elaborate on. I express my feelings on paper before I present it. Being intrapersonal is a good way to express myself, and deal with any problems before I speak. Also being visual person that helps me as well to put all ideas together first.
My final learning style is musical; this is what helps me to be both interpersonal and intrapersonal. As I listening to music I place myself as the artist and it relaxes me and places me in a stable zone. Music helps me in many ways to be a better person and familiarize myself with different feelings and thoughts. Which allows me to communicate with others and discuss others opinion to...