Free Thinking

Amanda Bray
Free Thinking
9 November 2012
The Importance of Free Thinking
There are many things that are important about thinking freely, and what could happen if you let someone think for you. People need to be able to think for themselves. Thinking freely allows the imagination to be free and it allows you to make your own decisions.
When you are thinking freely and for yourself you can make your own decisions about things. This allows people to go to school and become who they want. And it allows people to do what they love. However, if people are not a loud to think for themselves and other people think and make decisions for them, they will become the people that person wants to be; like in The Dead Poets Society movie.
Neil Perry shot himself because his dad made his decisions for him. In The Dead Poets Society Neil shot himself because his father was deciding his future and wouldn’t let him decide for himself. Because Neil wants to be an actor, but his father wants otherwise; his father wants him to be a doctor.
In the book The Crucible there is a similar, but not quite the same thing, that goes on about free thinking. Abigail is the free thinker and the girls who fallow her are forced to think the way Abigail does. This ends up being bad for the characters because Proctor cheats on his wife with Abigail   and they both lie about it and they end up getting in trouble.
In the end the three characters are either dead like Neil, or in trouble with the courts and with everyone else. Free thinking is a very important thing. Free thinking allows people to be who they or who they want to be. Without free thinking life would be dull and we would all probably be like robots and people would think for us. Free thinking is important in the human race.