Dunkin Donuts Case Analysis
Christen Perkins
Dr. Smith
Chain Management and Franchising- HTM550
October 23, 2011

When an individual makes the decision to become an entrepreneur they have a few routes available to them. They can either start from scratch, with their own business idea, or franchise from an already established company. The option of franchising is more of a safe route if done properly. Ideally if a business is franchising they have established a great business plan and how to run the business successfully. Most of the leg work is done and the most critical trial and error portion has been done alleviating risk from the franchisee. While franchising is a good option for those not as daring, it is important to know what to look for in a business when making the decision on which one to franchise from. This paper will be an analysis on Ramone and his franchising venture. This analysis will discuss the critical issues within the case with actions and rationale to address them, what Ramone needs to know before franchising, and what marketing mix Ramone should look for with his business.
Ramone has been interested in franchising for the last year and a half. After visiting a Dunkin Donuts he believes he has found the one he would like to operate. After raising $38,000 in funds he believes financially he is ready. In addition to Dunkin Donuts being the largest donut shop franchise in the world, it has the highest level of sales. Dunkin Donuts has a simple strategy of providing superior products, at the right price, in a clean atmosphere with great customer service.
Before franchising a Dunkin Donuts, or any business there are a few things Ramone most know. It is important for him to understand the nature of the franchising method of business. Like any business venture there are both advantages and disadvantages to franchising that Ramone needs to be aware of.   Advantages of a franchise are the already established product or service, technical...