Four Different Forms of Global Pollution Arising from Construction Projects

There are different forms of global pollution that arise from construction projects. These are; Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution, Light Pollution.
Air Pollution
Air pollution is the presence of harmful or poisonous substances in the air and disturbs the natural chemistry of the air. The particles can be in any form such as dust, gases or vapours which cannot be removed through natural cycles (carbon cycle/nitrogen cycle).
The air pollution comes from a wide variety of sources especially from the construction industry. Some sources include:
• Vehicle or manufacturing exhaust
• Forest fires, dry soil erosion
• Building Construction or demolition
Air pollution can lead to acid rain which can harm the environment. The acid pollution can fall to the ground in two forms:
• Wet acid rain – It can affect the area’s biodiversity by upsetting the chemical balance of soils and the environment.
• Dry acid rain – This falls as dust/smoke. The pollution combines with the surface water which produces acid water. This effects lakes, ponds and as well as trees when the acid water is taken up by the roots.
Several effects of acid rain can be noticed. Crop depletion, higher rain acidity, higher rates of asthma, increase of smog.
Water Pollution

Water pollution involves any contamination of water. The water can be contaminated by chemicals, particulates or any bacteria which degrades the quality and purity of the water. The pollution can occur in oceans, lakes, rivers and reservoirs. As the different water sources can connect, the water pollution can spread.

The construction industry can contaminate water by not disposing of waste correctly and demolition.

Water pollution is caused by increased sediments from soil erosions and improper waste disposal. As a result, all of the effects of water pollution include decreasing the amount of drinkable water, lowering supplies for crops irrigation and impacting wildlife that require certain purity of water...