Sustainable Construction Unit Two Assignment 2

P2 - Explain four different forms of global pollution arising from construction projects; include how each form of pollution may harm the environment.
1) Marine pollution
- This type of contamination occurs when there’s harmful or potentially harmful pollutants are added to the chemical structure of the water causing chemical imbalance and causing contamination/ pollution. The sea is normally polluted by waste disposal from land, contaminants such as; chemicals | particles | industrial | agricultural | residential waste | noise or the spreading of invasive organisms.
2) Acid Rain
- Acidic rain is a type of rain that comes in two types, this being dry deposition and wet deposition, both being unusually acidic. With it being unusually acidic it means that acid rain holds a high level of hydrogen ions. Acid rain is measured in PH and is then situated on the PH scale, due to acid rain possessing high elevated levels of hydrogen ions, it is situated on a low PH. This can cause defects to the life of vegetation, aquatic animals and infrastructure. Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides mix with the water vapour in the air which results them being transformed into sulphuric and nitric acids.  
- Dry deposition: this deposition regards to acidic gases and particles, at an estimate half of the acidity in the atmosphere falls back to the earth’s surface through dry deposition. This type of acid rain can spread tremendously over a short period of time due to wind blowing the particles over, cars, vegetation, buildings etc… as well as chances particles will set and cause damage to what it settles on, dry deposition can then be washed away by rain, causing the contamination to easily be moved causing defects on more cars, vegetation, buildings etc. Wet deposition: this is when the atmosphere is polluted by the same pollutants than dry deposition but falls to the surface by rain, fog, snow, sleet etc…
3) Industrial Pollution
- The sources regarding industrial pollution...