P1 the Role of Four Different Compli Therapies

Describe and explain the role of four different complementary therapies in relation to orthodox treatment.
Complementary therapies are any practices that don’t fall in the category of medicine that are given to patients at a doctor surgery. These are given to patients by specialise who each perform a different type of treatment to those who are in need.
Orthodox treatment is a treatment given to patients by doctors at a surgery. Most of the medicines that are given by these doctors are scientific and are usually associated with the human biology.
Migraines are severe headaches which are caused by excessive dilation of the cerebral blood vessels, this happens when there are chemical changes in the body.
An orthodox’s treatment for migraine would be given them a prescription for drugs; ergotamine or migroleave, which are both treatment for migraines. When the patient takes these medications their headaches may be eased in minutes. On the other hand patients who have regular migraines may be put on a course of different medications and monitored regularly by a doctor.
A complementary therapist as a naturopath may use different procedures in treating patients with migraine. Firstly the therapist will take a full case history of the patients whereas they will find out information about family, dieting and menstrual before trying to determine the cause of the migraine. The patient will be told to keep a diet journal so that the food that they are eating can be monitored as food can be a trigger for migraine. The naturopathic doctor may have a brief talk with the patient to find out about their lifestyle to see if they can make a link between it and the migraine as they may be stressed. A hair sample and blood test will be taken to check vitamin and mineral levels.
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