Ford Social Structure

Ford Motor Company designs, manufactures, markets and finances automotive vehicles in 200 Markets across six Continents. Ford is ranked # 4 by Fortune 500.
Ford Motor Co. has been in existence since 1901. The company is known for its innovation in creating and building automobiles. Henry Ford's mission was more than cars. According to the Ford website, "It was about transportation, mobility and changing lifestyle." Ford Motor Co.'s mission today is not much different. Ford's mission statement (One Ford) has three sections: One team, One plan, One goal.
One Team
The One Team portion of the statement reads: People working together as a lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership as measured by: customer, employee, dealer, investor, supplier, union/council and community satisfaction. The purpose of this section is to foster teamwork among the key players in the creation of Ford's products.
One Plan
In the One Plan section, Ford seeks to "aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix, accelerate development of new products its customers want and value, finance its plan and improve its balance sheet and work together effectively as one team." In this area, Ford wants to remain innovative to be able to compete globally, and profitable.
One Goal
The One Goal section: "An exciting viable Ford delivering profitable growth for all." The goal is to deliver profits not only for the employees but shareholders and others in the Ford supply chain. You will see all department are interdependent on each other to reach the companies one goal. Ford employees have a set of behaviors they are expected to perform to help Ford fulfill the mission. The expected behaviors are an acrostic for Ford: Foster functional and technical excellence, Own working together, Role model Ford values and Deliver results.
The Ford Motor Company's business plan has it bringing additional models to North America, including its B-Max crossover, a...