Social Structure in "The Garden Party” and “the Doll's House” by “Katharine Mansfield”

Analyse how different viewpoints on the same issue or idea are developed in at lease two short written texts you have studied.

The texts, “The Garden Party” and “The Doll’s House” by “Katharine Mansfield”, both describe the same issue happened in 1920, which is about social structures. Mansfield uses language technique and symbolism to develop characters such as Aunt Beryl prejudicing lower social class people, while innocent Laura Sheridan feeling confused about the social structure issue.

In the text “The Doll’s House”, Aunt Beryl strongly shows the discrimination on different classes. She does not allow the Kelveys to see the doll’s house only because of the Kelveys’ lower class position. Mansfield uses the language technique of simile describing Aunt Beryl’s discrimination and prejudice to the lower classes. Near the end of the text, the Kelveys are been invited to see the doll’s house to the yard by Kezia. When Aunt Beryl sees the Kelveys, “she stepped into the yard and shooed them out as if they were little chickens.” Mansfield compares the Kelveys with “chickens” in this simile; it creates an image to the audience of how Aunt Beryl as an upper class person treating the lower class people (the Kelveys) like animals instead of human being. Mansfield wants the audience to understand the adults’ hypocrisy and cruelty regarding the social structures and the social conventions in 1920.

Aunt Beryl is also very restricted by the social structures and social conventions portrayed in “The Doll’s House”. In the text, Aunt Beryl receives a letter from a man and been told that she have to meet him in the bush. Mansfield uses adjective “ghastly pressure” to describe Aunt Beryl’s feeling. This is because women in Aunt Beryl’s class are not allowed to have relationships with men unless it is a marriage. She is afraid that people are going to find out their meeting in the bush. This emphasis her frustration to social values and the social structures. Mansfield also...