Social Structure Theory

Social Structure Theory
Erie Weed and Seed Delinquency Prevention Program is a combination of outreach and access of services for individuals and families in the target area. Some of the programs offered include the parenting and teen pregnancy prevention program; the family enrichment program; the second step program; the housing program; after school program/summer/recreational activities; supportive services; and prevention programs. The focus of many of the programs is to offer additional support to families and individuals when needed. For example, the second step program provides formula, clothing and diapers to children up to the age of 1 year. This program ensures that families are able to feed and clothe their children therefore keeping them healthy. A number of non-profit organizations work together with the local law enforcement and government to make sure the community is able to take care of themselves, and as a result the community works better.

Social Process Theory
“The Denver Police Activities League is set up to engage youngsters in sports and other recreational activities. The goal of the program is to advance the moral, physical, mental and social growth of young people through the principles of good sportsmanship and good citizenship” (Denver PAL, 2008). These programs are offered during the high risk hours and with a purpose to establish a positive interaction between the police department and the community. They try to involve other family members of the children in these activities by having them coach or help in other areas. Next to the athletic activities, the league also provides educational opportunities for the Denver children. Socialization with law enforcement personnel to make the kids comfortable and see them in a different light is a very important part of the program.
Social Conflict Theory
Gang-Free schools and Communities Program is a federally launched initiative to reduce youth gang crime and violence in schools and...