Decision to Pursue an MBA
Charlene Whidbee
University of Phoenix
MGT/521: Construct and Support an Argument
August 1, 2009
Why am I pursuing a MBA? Is it necessary for me to obtain this degrees in order to advance on my career path? What clarity can the Jungian Personality Self-Assessment Test (JPSA) provide me with? Should I use the JPSA to choose my career Path? These are questions I will answer in the following paragraphs for you to get a better understanding of my decision to pursue an MBA.
Why am I pursuing my MBA…
A masters in business administration is a valuable tool to acquire, but is it necessary for me to obtain my goals? It is said to open doors that may not be available without it. Formerly, I was a retail store manager. I started my retail career in 1995 as a sale associate, which took a turn into management less than a year later. I have been in the retail field for over fourteen years on and off. I was recently let go and decided to return back to school for my MBA.
I have been told, by friends, co-workers and family members, that the pursuit of a MBA will not be as easy as my BA. I obtained my BA in business in three years, not to advance my career but as a personal goal to my children, family and self to prove “I could do it“. My decision to pursue my MBA is to further my education, but career advancement and increase in pay rate will be gladly excepted.
Is a MBA necessary to continue in my career path…
My years of working in retail have taught me that it is a fast pace environment, if you’re willing to learn someone is willing to train you and help you move up in the company. Which means educational advancement is not a job requirement and not a
benefit the retail companies will offer to pay for in order to achieve job promotions. But with my proficient in all aspects of being a sales floor manager, sales leader, co-prop, assistant manager and store manager I am guaranteed a foot in the door because of my...