Flour Milling Equipment in the Grinding Rod

Mill roller belong to abrasive wear and fracture due to plough wrinkle or micro pressure spalling wear and fatigue fracture spalling wear occurred at the same time.[url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Mill_Series/Raymond_mill.html]raymond mill[/url] Only when there are both a certain toughness and high hardness, roller is probably the most be abrasion resistance.Therefore, considering the increase of roller hardness at the same time, must pay attention to the toughness of the material.Improve the toughness of the metal material, can improve the spalling resistance of roller, improve the effect of fatigue wear, which can improve the wear resistance of the roller.Chilled cast iron roller materials often USES, including ordinary white cast iron, alloy white cast iron and high alloy white cast iron, etc.
Grinding, grinding roller and grinding ring its leading role, can say they are a whole, supplement each other, less who are unable to work, so today grinding roller and roller plays a role in ultrafine pulverizer in order: in superfine mill grinding roller grinding ring is used for grinding materials of the main moving parts, used for squeezing grinding form grinding material.Machine working time can be adjusted to increase the grinding material for material grinding effect, can help the high pressure mill grinding efficiency, increase production, reduce consumption of milling equipment metal.Roller grinding ring can also be used to protect mill cylinder, the cylinder from the grinding material and material directly impact and friction, avoid causing wear and tear.At the same time different clearance between roller can be used to adjust the mill discharge granularity, has obtained the fineness of fitting product material or production.
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