The Necessity and Adavantage of Milling Equipment in Crushing Operation

Rod milling equipment is one of the widely used construction equipment of sand gravel sand industry, is a kind of high efficient, energy-saving gravel sand making equipment. More energy efficient than traditional sand making machine, it is currently the most effective, practical and reliable gravel machine. Rod mill type sand making machine is mainly used for feldspar, quartz, HeLuanShi etc. raw material processing, crushing, shell to a certain speed, grinding media in the role of the centrifugal force and friction to rise to a certain height was throwing, research materials impact friction, achieve sand purpose.

The result is only the process to adapt equipment, beneficiation process can not be optimal. In recent years the metallurgist roller mill, the sand grinding, stirring mill were studied, it is still in the experimental stage, because of its high cost also brings certain difficulty to its application, real people into the dressing process there is no precedent. The domestic development in recent years, the generalized for the dressing of column mill workers with milling equipment, this kind of grinding plant for mineral grinding has its unique role, and the cost is low, the grinding cost, and provides a new idea for mineral processing workers, has opened up a new way for grinding. In recent years, before entering the market, and magnetite are still in the experimental stage, the quality of its design, manufacture precision, wear-resistant materials, continuous operation ability, can control remains to be further improved.
The milling equipment for strong magnetic minerals, weak magnetic separation tailings into 48 meters in diameter of the thickener, Nong stock collection with 2 meters in diameter wet high intensity magnetic separation machine throwing tailings, strong magnetic strength 12000-13000 Qianan / m, strong magnetic separation concentrate with a diameter of 11 meters thickener concentration into the flotation operation. The milling equipment...