Why Do We Maintain Corn Flour Milling Machine Roller

Corn flour milling machine plays an important role in corn processing. With the usage period becoming longer and longer, the vital spare parts should be well maintained, such as the roller. Today, we will mainly talk about the corn flour milling machine roller maintenance precautions.

1. Before operation, we should check whether the roller has bump or abrasion.
2. Be careful when we install the roller of the corn flour milling machine. Avoid the parts abrasion caused by improper operation in CORN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE roller maintenance.
3. Check the roller flexibility. Have the trial operation and ensure the roller has a flexible rotation and there has no jam.
4. The installation should depend on raw material species and the conveyor features. Ensure the under crowding or overcrowded installation will not have any influence on the processing quality.

We should   keep regular corn flour milling machine roller maintenance, especially ensure each part of the machine can work in a normal condition. Only by this way, will the corn flour milling machine work efficiently, and have a long service life.

Besides, just like many other grain processing equipments, corn flour milling machine noises always indicates some problems in it. What problems does the different noise indicate? Today, let's talk about this.

The corn flour milling machine noises mainly comes from the shaft. When the shaft is revolving, if its noise is very small or slight, then the corn flour milling machine is normal. If there has too high or too low changes in noise or there has metal grating noise, then the machine may have some problems: