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*My Florida Department of Correctional*
The Florida Department of corrections, was established back in 1821.Florida’s first state penitentiary was opened on the United States arsenal property line in Chattahoochee back in 1868. Its main headquarters is located in Tallahassee, and operates all the prisons that are in Florida. Florida is the 3rd largest state for prisons throughout the United States, along with having the largest agency system. With a budget set at 2.3 billion dollars to help support with upgrades or updates, rebuild, and or build new prisons thought the rebuild, and or build new prisons throw-out the state, because nearly 104,000 inmates that are incarcerate and another 150,000 pulse offenders that are on some kind or certain type of community supervision. On an average it cost a roundabout of 19,469 per year to incarcerate one inmate here in Florida, which includes 2.32 per day for a 2,800 calorie meal for this inmate. As mentioned above, our State needs this land of help to support all of our prisons throughout Florida from being over crowed as they are today.
The Department of corrections has 146 facilities, 62 prisons. All together we have 280,000 pulse employees are certifies correctional or probation officers. As explaining the map of Florida’s Department of corrections jurisdiction, the size is 65,795 square miles from each one, the estimated population as of 2008 were 18,328,340, and the general nature for these prisons and institutes are the law enforcements and civilian police.
*Death Row*
-Capital punishment in Florida-
The Florida State prison and the union Correctional institution each have a male death row, and the Annex Lowell has the women’s death row. These...