Corrections Paper


Corrections Paper
Reshard Durdley
December 20, 2010

Corrections Rehabilitation
Most would think that a modification to one’s life is available for everyone. This includes people in prison, they can also modify their behavior and be great citizens in this country. Doing this, however, is much easier said than done, sacrifice from those needing change and some help from the original charging agency can go a long way. This generally lead to rehabilitation programs that we know of today.
There are tons of rehabilitation programs around the country or even the world that are available for use. Most of these rehabilitation programs are after specified groups of people with special needs for modifications. A rehabilitation system typically gives education in prison about different phases of life. This is very useful for showing inmates that there is more to life outside of prisons. There are some much known rehabilitation programs known throughout the country and world. Education programs in rehabilitation are those that involve showing the prisoners to obtain a degree, certificate or vocation. Now, most classes that are in universities and junior colleges are now available for prisoners.
When you offer profound education in prison, inmates are given the unique opportunity to have a much brighter future outside of the prison walls by assisting them to become armed with the necessary knowledge to be in this world. Besides from earning college degrees, prisoners can also take easier training classes such as carpentry, fixing electronics, and creating industry tools. Prisoners who have went through these rehabilitation programs and really try to better themselves, receive additional assistance with locating and applying for jobs when they are released. This is usually in the form of recommendation letters, despite their criminal record which could prevent them from any major corporate job.  
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