First Flight

First Flight
Alexander Graham Bell was a very curious man. He loved fiddling with machines to find out how they worked. Alexander Graham Bell made his first invention when he was eleven years old. In the year 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Years later he created a plane called the Silver Dart which was the first flying machine to be built.
“[Alexander Graham Bell was an] american citizen [that]was born in Scotland in 1847 and has emigrated when he was twenty-three to the little Ontario manufacturing town of Brantford with his parents. He had moved on to Boston only a year later, but had maintained a deep affection for Canada and had spent summers in Nova Scotia since 1885.”(Beaver, 16)

Alexander Graham Bell loved Canada because it brought back happy memories from his Scottish childhood. He got married to a women named Mabel who was deaf since the age of 5. Together they had a girl who they named Daisy. Alexander was an American citizen who emigrated to Brantford and a year later he moved to Boston. Alexander had a great love for Canada and spent summers in Nova Scotia. This is the reason why Bell decided that one of the biplanes that he helped build should be flown in Canada and one did.
“The flight of the Silver Dart [happened] over the Bras d’Or Lake...[it]was an extraordinary phenomenon-not so much for when it happened but for where [it happened]. Cape Breton in the northeastern corner of the Maritimes, was a long way from everywhere that young inventors congregated-the rapidly centers of technological innovation, such as Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or the growing pots of venture capital in financial centers like New York.”(16)

Alexander Graham Bell lived so far that the American newspaper were days later before they arrived in Baddeck and invited friends which lived in Boston and Washington took them at...