The Mavyns Tour Diary - Hrc

The Supersonics and The Mavyns were kicking off the second half of their tour at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad. We were all supposed to meet up in Hyderabad. The Supersonics were coming there by train from Calcutta (a nice long 27 hour journey), whilst The Mavyns were supposed to be coming there by train from Bombay (a nice semi-long 14 hour journey). Wait a minute; did I say The Mavyns were coming there by train? I guess I need to take that back. What transpired in fact is a regular and fairly common story in the rock world – The Mavyns somehow managed to get to the train station a minute too late, only to see the train pulling away right in front of them. So there we were, panting and sweaty from the long and wild dash to the train station, holding our equipment, silently waving goodbye to our source of transportation. If there are any musicians out there laughing right now I have just this to say to you’ll – Your time will come!!!! It is inevitable.

Now back to the story. So there we were stranded on the platform wondering what to do. Tempers began to rise and the official 100th fight of the band took place right there. Quite a historical moment. After a good 15 minutes common sense kicked in and after a heady discussion we decided the best alternative would be to fly there.

Luckily Vivek’s cousin is a whiz at these booking things and he got us on an Indian Airlines flight that was scheduled to depart the next morning at 6:15 am ensuring we would reach at 7:30 am which was about the same time our train was supposed to arrive anyways, if we had caught it that is. The good news was that our 14 hour journey was now cut down to around an hour or so. The bad news was that well, let’s just say airline tickets aren’t very cheap!

We spent the night at Vivek’s aunt’s place at Santacruz and made sure we left for the airport with plenty of time to spare the next morning.

We finished with the check-in and security checks and all the other rubbish, boarded the flight...