Finance Society Uml

Drew Harvey
Business 101
October 7, 2015
Finance Society  
To be honest I did not know what to expect when I joined the finance society. I had no idea what exactly we would do in a finance society. Would we trade on the market? Would we discuss current events in the finance world? Would it be like an extra class for finance? It turns out it was all three. The first day I walked in I was surprised by the turn out, at first I expected this was because of the free food offered. I soon found out that I was dead wrong almost every one of the forty attendees started asking questions of the upper classmen about the current state of the economy. The first meeting soon turned into a lively exchange of ideas and observations. I have always loved finance especially the economy, there is a certain simplicity to it. It all fits together and everything in the world is connected. The members of the finance society are the same way. In the first meeting we began discussing weather futures and how they are traded and their effect on the market. We discussed and debated how China and Oil prices were effecting the economy. But my favorite party of the Finance Society is also its main purpose, we learn how to solve complex problems with Excel. We learn how to manipulate spreadsheets to help us work on problems with real world applications. I firmly believe that the Finance Society was made for people like me who have a dying passion for finance.