Marketing Society of Udom


UDOM students’ day is a social academic event designed by The University of Dodoma Students Organization (UDOSO) objecting at involving all students to share knowledge in overcoming challenges and problems facing Tanzania community.
Key participants in this event are students of The University of Dodoma through their social-academic associations and religious associations.
The event is a whole day event which will include open forum and Sports & Games and expected to be attended by at least 15,000 students out of 23,000 UDOM students.
Marketing Society will participate in this event, where its topic will be entrepreneurship.
Marketing society thought this is a big opportunity for AIRTEL to participate in order to create brand awareness and making sales on the event ground.
Proposed AIRTEL participation in this event includes borrowing gazebos to participating associations, T-shirts for Members of Marketing society, and lastly by sponsoring the BASH on the event day.
The bash is relevant on the event day as it will serve two purposes; one being the accomplishment of field marketing training to marketing society where the second phase which was remaining include practical selling of AIRTEL products (which will be done by members of marketing society on the event) and the BASH and the second purpose is to refresh peoples mind after the whole day event of UDOM students day. On the bash, the criteria to enter will be possessing AIRTEL line.
Despite of the 2000 starter packs, modems, phones and vouchers sales you will make, Your Company participating in this event will give a mileage in branding AIRTEL and on the other hand it fulfills your social responsibilities.
Either, this proposal is open to change according to sponsors need and resources

UDOM students’ day is a socio-academic event which has been prepared by University of Dodoma Students...