Final Fantasy Sexist?

Are the Final Fantasy games sexist?

NOTE: Before you nag on me. I live in Hong Kong,
so eastern and western feminism may be different here.
Feminism in Asia and Japan may not be PC as is in west,
but these are just my opinions, so PRETTY PLEASE don't flame me ;_;


Final Fantasy games, despite FF6 and FFX2 having females as leads, SEXIST?

Personally, I think so, compaired to other games like Rudra no Hihou (Rudra's Treasure),
SD4: Legend of Mana and the SaGa series. Yeah yeah,
don't give me that lecture on how alot of Asian countries and Japan are anti-feminist,
when they are not. Women and Men work together as they do in the west and Women CHOOSE
whether they want to be sexpots or not.

Now, back to my rant here.
Why do most gamers say that alot of the heroines in the Final Fantasy games strike a blow for feminism. Au contrair!

On looks, why do most of the female characters look like bullimic, silicone pumped Brittney Spears or Barbie doll wannabes?
And holding that stuff up to young girl gamers? That is basically saying the message "IF you have a size zero to five figure,
have fake breasts and wear skin tight or revealing clothing, everything will be fine!" No wonder here in Hong Kong we have
little girls dressing all trampy and stuff. I'm not saying that the girls should be overweight (UGH!), but at least have
them from size six to ten, or sizes twelve to fourteen and please, HAVE THE GIRLS WEAR ARMOR OR REAL CLOTHING!

Other than how the Final Fantasy heroines physical appearances,
most of them seem to be quite dependent on men or be really boy crazy.
Come on now, that is so 1980's video gaming. The only difference is,
that the girls of Final Fantasy have to join your party and have to learn to fight for themselves.
What message is this sending to Girl Gamers here in Asia?
"You have to look attractive and have a man in your life. If you don't, you will be wicked."

Here in Asia, there are just as many girl gamers as there...