Essay Development

Essay Development

The ultimate success or failure of a paper may often be traced back to the paper’s planning stages.   One of the best things to do when writing a college paper is to be as thorough as possible when planning and creating the paper.   Having another person talk through the planning steps with the writer and help brainstorm new ideas, is one way to make sure that all main points of a topic are covered.   This also can be a useful way to make sure that the ideas the writer has covered are completely understandable and cover the intended argument of the paper.
There are many ideas on how to write an effective thesis statement.   A concrete thesis statement should always be commanding and straightforward.   When writing a thesis statement, phrases such as “In this essay I will” should never start a persuasive essay.   The thesis statement should state the point of the paper without the writer having to say what point he or she is trying to make.   Another important idea when writing a thesis statement is that the subject of the essay cannot be too broad.   When the subject is broad there is too much information to try to state and support in a short essay.   Having too much to cover will mean that not all of the points will be effectively explained and the essay can lose its persuasiveness.
When prewriting an essay, there are several steps that should be used.   The prewriting steps are: free writing, listing or brainstorming, questioning, and narrowing your topic to make a more defined subject emerge from a topic that can hold several different subjects.   When the prewriting reaches the point where the purpose, audience, and assignment are clearly understood, then the best options for the essay will clearly stand out.
There are certain steps that must be taken prior to writing an effective persuasive essay.   These steps are: know what the paper is being written on, know what specific aspects the paper will be graded on, decide on a topic, make a...