Fda Proposes New Fda Food Lables

New F.D.A Nutrition Labels Would Make ‘Serving Sizes’ Reflect Actual Servings
In this article written by Sabrina Tavernise, in the New York Times, wrote about how the FDA is proposing changes to the food labels.   What will be added to the proposed labels would be how serving sizes are calculated and displayed.   Also calorie counts would be more noticeable, while the “Calories from Fat” line would be removed.   The percent daily values would be on the left side.   Some labels would be required to show “per serving” and “per package”.   In addition an “added sugars” line will be added.   Vitamin D and potassium values will also be required.   The article states that this proposal will be open for public comments for 90 days and might cost about 2 billion dollars to carry out if such changes are made.   Many people agree with the possible changes like Marion Nestle.   He says that it will fix the portion size problem, which he also added it emphasizes calories and added sugars.   Others disagree saying that too few Americans use nutrition labels to make much of a difference.   A health researcher also commented that it would only affect a small percentage of people who carefully look nutrition panels.   In my opinion I believe this would help consumers in a big way.   For those who actually study food labels and watch what they are actually putting in their body, it will make it easier to decipher.   For those who diet, they can see what actually the whole package consists of rather than just a serving.   I do agree that too few people read the labels, but I believe the benefit is greater for those who are conscientious about their health.