Southern Foods

BUS 540   Management Consulting
Southern Food Services

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Question One Preliminary Analysis
Significant issues and/or symptoms identified by the CEO of Southern Food Service (“SFS”) have been classified into key operational processes. There are two main categories of processes, “hard” processes (operational) and “soft” processes (human resource).   Appendix A outlines where each issue has been classified.

The reason for this methodology is to give structure to the project overall, while identifying the most effective starting point. Appendix C outline the process that the consulting team will follow.

Question Two Where to Place Initial Focus
An urgent consideration for SFS is to generate cash flow and net profit. There appears to be a direct causal relationship between the Human Resource Processes and Operational Processes (Appendix B) indicating that improvement in the Human Resource Processes should lead to improved operational efficiencies.

Priority is given to the elimination of management infighting. Focusing on Human Resource processes enables the company to problem-solve WITH managers, rather than BECAUSE of them. It facilitates stewardship for the workforce when their management team is working positively together.

Managers who share a common vision, mission, and value set, can better focus on operational efficiencies that produce positive financial results. This should alleviate Board concern that the company is not performing as it must to satisfy shareholder expectations.

Question 3 Consultant’s Proposal to Southern Food Services

Southern Food Services: An Executive’s Bottom Line

Client Requirements
Southern Food Services (``SFS``) is a medium-sized publicly-traded company...