Facing the Life


"Everyday we face the same truth, that life is fleading,   that our time here is short and to honour the fallen, we must live our own lives well. We must take the high road while we can and allow our common loss to bring us together."   Barry Corbin

In this part of the year, it is easy to feel alive, to feel our soul, to appreciate every minute in the day, every breath we take. Sometimes, it is enough just to stop, look at the sky, hills, or even hear children laugh and enjoy the life.
Sometimes it is hard to believe in the things that a man believed ten or twenty years ago. Fell is not the same anymore. There is not enough time just to stop, to think about the past, to feel a little child that still lives in us. That child had no fear of tomorrow, even though she did not know what the future is going to give he, she was safe in her parents arms.
Maybe one day I will again look for that girl in me, but now it feels like she is gone and it is hard to find her. I have lost that usual habbits that the children do, some other dreams, wishes, things become more important.

Can our dreams disappear?
Yes, for a long time. By loosing the one we love, it is   probably the worse that can happen to a human. Fear, anger, pain all those feelings stop our wishes to see the reality. Loosing the world of dreams, means facing the reality, and never be able to walk away in the imaginary world.

Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do!
Once, my father told me his story, with a tears in his eyes he started: "When I was your age, things were so different and and so difficult.
You can't imagine how hard was for me to have a dream, and to make that dream come true. No one believed in me, not even my parents. People thinking were so stupid, disappointing.
But, as you can see I achieved everything I wanted. I won't lie, you never know what is behind the corner, that is why the life is both difficult and beautiful. You just believe in your...