Comment on Havisahm

Abstrict:Charles Dickens,one of the greatest 19th critical realistic writers,is renowed English writer all around the world. He and his works have great impact on the entire literary world. Great expectation is his post-stage work, which is a novel of education and describes the growth and personal development. It shows Dicken’s sharp criticism to the upper-class society of England. The female character Miss Havisham in Great Expectation is one of the most impressive creations of Charles Dickens, and the description of this tragic character Miss Havisham displays the corruption of money to human’s relationship. Miss Havisham lives a dark life because of her jilting by her fiance. She is an example of single-minded vengeance pursued destructively. The tragic fate of Miss Havisham is analyzed from the aspects of the society , family and herself, aiming at revealing the tragic status and endings of females in the Victorian England under the male-centered society.
Keywords: the tragic fate; male-centered society;female position
1 Introduction
The female character Miss Havisham in Great Expectation is the most memorable and vivid creation. Through the portrayal of Miss Havisham, Dickens shows us the females’ position and fate in the Victorian England under the male-centered society. In Victorian Age, the most agreeable female image should be the “ Angel in the house”, which means women should be feminine, loyal, virtuous and pure. They were subject to man and needed the protection of man. For women,their husbands and family mean the whole thing in their life and they had no voice in the family. Although Miss Havisham in Great Expectation has some differences on this point, she is still affected by the traditional image. Most people regard her as a hateful her person. However , she is a tragic person worthy of sympathy. In this paper, the reasons of this tragic character will be analyzed through studying the society ,family, and Miss Havisham herself, the reasons of...