My Life as a Writer

When I asked my mother what she thought of my life as a writer, she gave me quite an inspirational input. She explained to me how around the age of two or three was when I began drawing all the time. When she asked about the drawings, I would give long, elaborate situations that explained not only the simple, naive drawing, but the people’s names, places, what they were doing, and why.   This, she said, was when I began writing: through art.
Since I have learned to write, it is something that I have done mostly every day and that I have worked on to develop thoroughly. It is a large part of my life in school, which taught me the principles and basics of writing in general. Though more importantly it was, and still is, a large part of my personal life that I use to get my feelings out. I also use it to communicate through this generation’s many forms of technology.
As I started to develop my basic writing as a child, I started to incorporate it into my drawings as well, like a premature attempt at a book. With more time, I found other ways to express myself through words as well. I still have diaries and journals from when I was in first grade that I absolutely poured my adolescent heart into. Even during my busy schedule in my current days of college, I find time to maintain a journal that I keep my thoughts in. It is not simply writing down my daily events, but getting my negative thoughts and problems out, which can be therapeutic. Although I must admit the problems I have faced in life must be credited for inspiring much of my creative writing and art.
Though when most people think of their life as a writer, they immediately think of the essays, standardized tests, and research papers they have done for school – I prefer not to. Though educational writing gives a basis and good grammar, it is an environment where the subject of writing and the variation on the style is often limited. I believe writing should be as creative as possible and takes many forms....