A) Reliant Stadium-Houston, Texas
Reliant Stadium is a retractable roof stadium in Houston, Texas.   It hosts the Houston Texans NFL team along with rodeos, the Texas Bowl, International Soccer Matches.   It is unique in that the surface is natural grass yet being in a dome environment.   The seating capacity is 71,054 and has a square footage of 1.9 million.   The biggest promotion at the stadium is the naming rights or Reliant.   The Reliant energy company paid a 32 year/300 million dollar contract to have not just the naming rights of the football stadium but also of multiple venues in the park such as the Reliant Astrodome.   It was privately financed and is now privately owned.

  B) Carrier Dome-Syracuse, NY
The Carrier Dome is the largest domed stadium on any college campus in the United States.   It hosts   football, basketball, lacrosse games, and concerts.   The venue holds 49,262 seats total but also has the distinction as being the largest basketball venue in the country with a capacity of 33,000.   Syracuse markets the venue by hosting all of their major sports games inside the arena.   Syracuse gets major sponsors to market in the Stadium due to the amount of people the stadium reaches each year.   It is owned by the University of Syracuse.

  C) Mount Rushmore-Keystone, SD
Mount Rushmore is a National Park in Keystone, South Dakota.   It’s a sculpture featuring the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.   The memorial covers 1,278.45 acres of land.   Is part of the National Parks Services.  

  D) Crystal Springs Golf Resort-Hamburg, NJ
  E) Kennywood-Pittsburgh, PA
  F) Joe’s Gym-Los Angeles, CA
Joe’s Gym is a privately owned gym in Brentwood, California.   It was opened in 2002.   The facility is indoors and has all of the modern amenities found in a gym.  
  G) Sun Bowl Stadium-El Paso, Texas