Fundamentals of Facilities Management

The key to understanding Facilities Management (FM) in India would be to look at where FM has come from and how it has evolved especially over the last 30 years.
The term in itself came about in the mid 1980s and has developed itself as the buildings people and environment have grown. The term is very broad as it covers a multiple disciplines, IFMA puts it this way: facilities management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. This does not make the industry itself complex but diverse, effectively it covers both hard and soft services (or technical and non-technical services). In the west FM has developed alongside property management, as the two are seen as two separate and important disciplines within the same industry. These two disciplines interact with each other; this develops a primary key motive for excellent FM practice in customer/client service.
The idea of FM is to allow the client to focus on his core business. No FM Company needs to be involved with this as it is an inhibitor to the success of FM in itself. The FM Agent focus’ on all those services that allow the core product to be delivered to its customer; this will vary from industry to industry. The client specifies what should be out-sourced and then requests through mutual agreement grounds for deliverables that ensures that these are met.
Within India FM is a new phenomenon and as such careful consideration needs to be made in regards to what services are needed to be kept in-house and what needs to be out-sourced.
One of the key reasons for companies outsourcing is the high standard that is achieved because they are hiring specialists to do it and the client can then really focus on their core activities. To be convinced about the non-core services, the client requires the support services to be of...