Risk Facility and Event Management

Risk, Facility, and Event Management Assignment

There are three sections in which are important for the three events that are coming to my city. Each event should always make sure that their facility rental and venue logistics are in order and that they are selling tickets for the event. Once those two things are in order than the event management should walk through the building and make sure it is safe for them to have guests at their event.
In the event of Youth Bowling Championship there is an area I think is less important in it is a youth bowling championship which means that the alcohol management and training should not be on the top list of things to plan for. When it comes to the Collegiate Football Game I believe the less important event would have to be alcohol management and training. A lot of people do come to the football games to cheer their teams on and drinking while you are there is a bonus but when it comes to safety the alcohol can be cut. The most important event in football game would be the medical and emergency and evacuation plans because with it being a physical sport having an emergency plan is always a good idea in case something bad were to happen there would be people there to know what to do. When it comes to Monster Truck Rally the less important thing to do at the event would be again the Alcohol and training of personnel because they fans are there having a good time and with them drink alcohol it can cause something bad between people or the driving home so I would have to say comes to safety. The most important thing at the event would be Customer service because with good customer service the fans and customers are happy and with happy customers means more business.
I would have to say when it comes to Youth Bowling Championships games the most critical importance would be the building maintenance because the place has to look nice for people wanting to come to do business there as well as making sure all the machines...