Extra Credit

My Nguyen
Mrs. Lorenz 3rd
Pre-AP Biology I
April 18, 2011
A Plant’s Life
There once was an exotic plant named Balthazar, and he lived all alone deep inside the Amazon forest. Every day he would wake up to the annoying sound of the monkey’s screech and says to himself “one of these days, I’m going to hit those monkeys with a brick.” But that’s not possible, because there are no bricks in the Amazon forest. After talking to himself, he would climb the nearest tree and start swinging from vine to vine until he reached the nearest market place, so he could grab some breakfast. It’s very dangerous for plants and animals alike to go into the market place, because it’s run by the humans. But not for Balthazar, he found an invisibility cloak washed up on shore one summer evening. He believes it came from the fabled school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts. So he can use the cloak to hide himself from human eyes and get whatever he wants from the market. After he had some breakfast, he went for a stroll along the Amazon River, but all of a sudden he heard a scream on the other side of the river. Balthazar has more curiosity then curious George, so he took a running start and soared over the river and onto the other side. Once there, he took off sprinting to the source of the scream he had heard. But it was a disappointment, because all he found from the source of the scream was just a bunch of tree frogs doing yoga.   By the time he got home to his deep part of the forest, the sun was setting and he was exhausted from a long day of absolute randomness.