Brabim Hamal
Mr. Zelwyn Heide
College Composition 110
February 2, 2010
Why I am in DSU?
Entering a university is an interesting experience in a person’s life. It teaches us the way to be a responsible and independent person. Most importantly, it helps to be focused in our career and goals. Everyone has a dream to be a successful person in life, so have I. I choose USA for my final destination for the completion of my further studies. There were thousands of universities in front of me. I really had a tough time, when I had to choose one university among them. It is really a big deal for a student to choose one university among all. I finally made my decision and choose Dickinson State University because it was the cheapest university that I found in my list. This University was not only cheap but also had my major. I had planned to take “Computer Science” as my major and Dickinson State University was providing me this opportunity at low cost.
Dickinson State University is one of the cheapest universities in the USA. This university is been helping an international students to study at an American university at low cost. Plus, it is providing an opportunity of getting tuition waiver, which has certainly attracted international students towards it. The DSU Global Awareness tuition waiver is what which covers up to fifty three percent of annual tuition costs. The requirements for getting this scholarship was to get seventy one plus in TOEFL. It was a golden chance for me to get an American degree, so, I applied for this scholarship. I fulfilled all the criteria that were asked to do for getting admission in this university. So, I was accepted and was send I-20. I was happy because this scholarship lessened my cost to twelve thousand dollar per year. This amount was affordable for my parents to pay for me so, I choose this university.
I was a happy man when I entered to Dickinson. I made a couple of new friends and was enjoying my freedom. As the...