Extended School Services

Extended School Services
Extended school services include Breakfast clubs, Afterschool Clubs and holiday clubs which offer activities, classes and support to the pupils between the hours of 8am and 6pm. They are designed to provide families with support to help balance work and other commitments. The children benefit by being given the opportunity to experience a broader range of activities which may inlcude:
• Study support
• Play and recreation
• Sport and fitness classes
• Drama
• Music
• ICT, cookery and language lessons
• Arts, crafts and other special interest clubs

Not all schools offer extended services but under the government’s Extended Schools Agenda; if there is a great enough demand for extended services then schools are required to implement out of school care. If there is little demand for certain aspects of extended services then schools can satisfy government requirements by advising parents on other local services are available.
The Department of Education’s Extended Schools programme provides additional financial support to eligible schools to improve the life chances of children and young people particularly from deprived areas.
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Some schools may also offer services to the local community and parents of the pupils such as information about healthy eating and nutrition or advice on managing finances.
All schools are encouraged to offer to parents and carers access to various kinds of support and to involve them in their child’s learning. Many schools now offer:

• Parenting skills programmes
• Opportunities for family learning
• Child behaviour management courses
• Information sessions for parents when their children start primary school and when they move to secondary school
• Information about nationally and locally available sources of advice and support for parents and families.

All schools should have a separate policy relating to extended services which would include areas such as;