Expository Essay Com/150

CheckPoint: Introductions and Conclusions

Clint Menzies


March 13, 2010
Zandree Stidham

CheckPoint: Introductions and Conclusions

“Is there a way to prevent the loss of our most valuable assets, the ones we have painstakingly cultivated our entire lives?” This question has undoubtedly been contemplated by many in today’s economic struggle. The possibility of losing one’s job with no notice seems to occur to those who have been confident that their position was vital to their employer. Is there a solution? Is it even possible to increase one’s financial assets and secure a prosperous retirement in these dire times? There is if you have resources available. Owning a storefront may generate income, but it can be expensive to undertake; nevertheless, the potential for achieving financial independence is a lure to many.
Times are rough. The economy is down, unemployment is high. In times like these, it is difficult to maintain financial freedom. What can anyone do to protect his or her assets? Financial advisors recommend individuals to have multiple streams of income. How can one create additional sources of income? If currently employed, there is not enough time in the day to seek another job. One viable solution can be found on the Internet: an E-Commerce Storefront. This option has the capacity to generate thousands of dollars a month. Although actual numbers are not freely published, there are sites that have yearly revenues of more than one million dollars. One may consider this industry to be past the infancy stage and well into the toddler stage but not yet fully mature. This means if the expenses are justifiable, now is the time to act. Advantages to owning a storefront are numerous. Foremost, there is no commute, so no more stressful traffic escapades. Second, the Internet is always online; people shop day and night, this means one can be asleep and still make money. No other market has this luxury at the time of this printing.