1/9/11 Com 150

Brent Halfman 1/9/11 com 150

Videogames:   which is the better buy modern warfare 2 or call of duty black ops?
Which game should i buy modern warfare 2 or black ops i wish there was a paper written by a smart, handsome guy that could help aid me in my decision
Many people are wondering which game to purchase or if they own one should they buy the other one. The purpose of this essay is to compare facts and features about the games and informs people on the facts my position on the issue is bi partisan i love both games and own them both but if you are on the fence this paper might sway you one way or the other.

      Modern warfare 2 $39.99- $49.99
      Price can be a big factor for people in deciding what and how people buy their video games. Weather to buy a certain game weather to buy it used or new used is my preferred way to purchase games. If   the game you want is available used one might as well go that route due to the fact that most game stores won’t accept games if they look like they won’t work anyway, also it will save you about 10 to 15 dollars a game to buy them used. Modern warfare 2 has been out a little bit longer so everyone has figured out the glitches and therefore makes it less and less fun as the time goes on. The lower price of modern warfare 2 makes it attractive cue to the fact that being used it could cost anywhere from 34.99 to 40.00 when black ops are still 59.99 brand new.
      The hefty price tag on black ops is $59.99 which may be a steep price but the new game comes with a plethora of new features and game modes which makes it worth the money. So as far as price goes the smartest thing for you to do is to look at your pocket book ant decide what your budget is and to decide accordingly, but for the more impulsive ask yourself what you are looking for in a game and what you are willing to pay for those features and weather it is worth it.

Game modes: here is a breakdown of the game modes and how conducive...