Explain Why It Is Important to Select Teaching and Learning Approaches, Resources and Assessment Methods to Meet Individual Needs.

What are the roles, responsibilities and relationships of a social purpose educator in your chosen teaching context?
In this essay I will attempt to explain the roles, responsibilities and relationships of a social purpose educator in my chosen teaching context.
The principle role of a teacher is to share knowledge in a way that will encourage enthuse and support students in their learning. A teacher motivates and encourages students to study independently. To understand the needs of the students and ensure that their needs are met, an initial assessment should be undertaken for example, is the environment appropriate for a disabled person, has a person with learning difficulties got appropriate classroom support. To be an approachable role model, and should set appropriate standards of behaviour in all things. In order to achieve this, a teacher should lead by example. If the teacher doesn’t display enthusiasm, the desired behaviour and dress then discipline would be difficult if not impossible.  
The teacher should appreciate the level of understanding and experience the learners bring. To communicate effectively it is important to use an appropriate vocabulary. Inappropriate vocabulary can isolate and disengage a student. Using appropriate language at the appropriate level is crucial to the students learning experience.
Assessment from the start to the end of a course is necessary as this indicates to the teacher and the student how they are progressing. Good feedback is important as it will indicate how well the student has progressed and how effective the teaching has been. Recording the student’s progress carefully allows the teacher to modify and tailor a course better to the student’s needs. Keeping good records is important to demonstrate learning for yourself, students, managers and regulatory bodies.

My role as a support and guidance worker dictates that I have to be aware of certain Legislation and codes of practise within the...