Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults.

Communicating effectively with each of these groups- colleagues/ head teachers/ children and parents will help me build positive relationship with them all. To do this I will need to think about being courteous and respectful, and listen to their points of views. Knowing and understanding that people have different cultures and belief/ values from you, doing this can help build a positive relationship with them. Acknowledging and respecting the views of the others at all times will be very effective to yourself and others. This will help to create a calm and happy environment for all. Also remembering English might be a second language for some people so knowing when a translator might be needed.
Being considerate to others taking the time to consider the positions of others, understanding people have different pressures and deal with situations in different ways help you communicate with them. Plus making sure you take the time to listen to others. They might be giving you advice/ help or need to confide in you. I think making sure people think or know that they can talk and trust you can be an effect way of communicating. Being very approachable and trustworthy are key points in being a staff member in a school environment.
Though in some situations if the issue needs to be recorded accurately asking them to repeat and making the key points clear. Though doing this you would need to make the atmosphere calm and relaxed, so whenever doesn’t feel uneasy. Maintaining a sense of humour, we should sometimes take time to see the funny side of different situation. Laughing is a form of communicating and can be an icebreaker too and is a great way of relaxing and relieving stress.
When communicating with others, I will need to consider the context in which I’m working. I will need to adopt the way I communicate in different situations for example use more formal language and behaviour in a meeting etc. remembering the non- spoken form of communication can be an issue...