Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults


Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults.

When we first meet someone, whether it be with a smile, a wave or a hello, communication has started and we are already beginning to build a relationship.

Communicating effectively is one of the most important areas to be addressed when building positive relationships. The relationship we have with children and young people has a great impact on our work with them. In order to work effectively with children, young people and their families, it is essential to establish good relationships with a range of people. Relationships and communication skills go hand in hand.

Positive relationships with children and young people are important because:

  if children are comfortable with us, they can separate more easily from their parents
  children are more likely to play and participate in play and learning activities
  children are less likely to show unwanted behaviour and we are more able to recognise and meet their needs
  as children increasingly feel confident in talking to us, their language develops more quickly
  as we understand the child's developmental needs and know their interests, it enables us to plan more accurately
  we are able to respond to children more effectively as we can recognise their expressions and emotions

All communication is important. We need to be approachable and we need to present a welcoming atmosphere in order to help create good, effective communication.

Good communication is important because:

  misunderstandings are reduced
  better care is given to children when all relevant people working together can cooperate and communicate well
  all parties feel they are respected and valued
  a calm and happy environment is created
  it also shows a good model of skills to the children from which they can learn.

Effective communication should have a two way flow...