Explain the Principles of Building Relationships with Children/Young People,

In task K i described how i would go about striking up a relationship with young people:
As I hand mugs of hot chocolate to students I smile at each student, make eye contact and ask each ‘how was your day?’ conversations are brief until the hot chocolate runs out. Now whilst forced to wait I ask more open questions such as ‘what did you get up to today?’ or ‘what did you like about school today?’ or ‘what would you do with this space if we had all the money in the world?’
I ask their names and one girl in particular likes to chat.
I asked if I could sit with them and noticed there was a pack of cards on the table.
I sat near one of the girls and asked whether she’d had a good day. She had, so I asked what was good about it. She replied but didn’t seem very keen to talk.
A couple of the boys were talking about chemistry homework so I joined in by saying that I recognized the words they were using but couldn’t remember a lot of the chemistry I used to know. I asked them to explain what they were talking about and teach me – they gladly did.
I then suggested we could play cards, but the group decided it was time to leave.
The principles here are to help young people feel comfortable by the facial expressions and body language you use. With young people it’s also important not to be too intense, this could embarrass them and make them feel uncomfortable. Young people will be very aware of what their peers are thinking of them so if possible engage with a group of young people so that they feel safe together and not singled out and vulnerable. As with any relationship it will most likely take time to build, so don’t expect a rapport to build immediately. Some will feel comfortable just chatting whereas others may prefer to play a game whilst getting to know you a bit a this will take pressure off the conversation and help to cover any awkward gaps in conversation. It is important to share some information about yourself that will help young people to relate to...